Why Safecode Defencecure Typical Setup disables Windows System Restore?

These are the reasons why installing Safecode Defencecure disables Windows System Restore (WSR):

1. Safecode Defencecure is fully compatible with WSR. Compatibility is not the reason we disable WSR

2. WSR only protects Windows systems files and Windows registries. Safecode Defencecure protects everything on the hard drive, including system files, data files, registry, programs, and settings. WSR only works when Windows works. If the Windows crashed, you could not even get to WSR. Safecode Defencecure works inside of Windows and outside of Windows. You can use Safecode Defencecure pre-OS recovery console to restore if Windows has crashed. It is not necessary to enable WSR if you have Safecode Defencecure. Safecode Defencecure can do all WSR does and more.

3. Having WSR constantly backing up Windows system files in multiple Safecode Defencecure snapshots will take up unnecessary disk space. And finally, you can always choose to re-enable WSR anytime after installing Safecode Defencecure.

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