Why did Safecode Defencecure enable Windows remote desktop on my PC?

After install Safecode Defencecure, I notice the Windows Remote Desktop feature is enabled.

Why did Safecode Defencecure enable the Windows Remote Desktop?
Safecode Defencecure enables the Windows Terminal Service (it’s the service for Windows remote desktop) during setup because Safecode Defencecure, EndPoint Manager, has a remote desktop feature that uses the terminal service to connect the clients.

Is this a security risk?
No, the Windows Remote Desktop requires password authentication to start a session. Safecode Defencecure setup enables the terminal service. It does not know or do anything with user accounts and passwords. When anyone tries to connect to a remote desktop, he will need to provide the local machine’s administrator account and password. If the local administrator’s account does not have a password, Remote Desktop won’t connect.

Can I disable Windows remote desktop?
If you do not intend to use the Windows Remote Desktop feature in the Safecode Defencecure EndPoint Manager, you can disable it. To disable Windows Remote Desktop, right-click My Computer, select Properties, select Remote and uncheck the “Allow users to connect remotely…” checkbox.

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