What do you mean Safecode Defencecure can restore data up to the minute of a system crash?

All computer backup and restore solutions by theory work in a timeline fashion. For example, you create backup A at 1:00PM, you create backup B at 2:00PM. If your PC crashes at 1:40 PM, you risk losing  40 minutes worth of data by restoring the PC from backup A. The only way to minimize the risk is to reduce the backup interval. You can backup your PC every 10 minutes, but in which case, you still risk losing up to 10 minutes worth of data in the event of a system crash. Theoretically, there is always a “time gap” between your last backup and the next backup, no matter how small the gap is.

Safecode Defencecure uniquely design provides you the ability to possibly eliminate this “time gap” by restoring data up to the minute of a system crash.

Let‘s use an example to see how we can do this with Safecode Defencecure.


  1. You set up Safecode Defencecure to take daily snapshots at 10:00 AM.
  2. It’s 3:00 AM. Your PC crashed with a Windows Blue Screen of Death.
  3. You have been working on a word document, report.doc.
  4. You know you can restore the PC from the snapshot taken by Safecode Defencecure at 10:00 AM. But doing so, you will lose the work that you have done on the report.doc. Since 10:00 AM.
  5. How can you recover the PC to a working condition and restore the most current version report.doc from 3:00 PM right before the system crash?


  1. Restart the PC. Press the HOME key to access Safecode Defencecure pre-OS Recovery Console.
  2. Select “New snapshot” from the pre-OS Recovery Console and name the new snapshot “Crash PC.” The snapshot “Crash PC” contains everything on the hard drive, including the sales.doc from 3:00 PM right before the crash (The unique design of Safecode Defencecure allows you to take a snapshot of a PC even if Windows OS fails to load).
  3. Select “Rollback computer” and pick the snapshot taken at 10:00 AM.
  4. After you boot into Windows, open Safecode Defencecure, select the snapshot  “Crash PC” taken in step 2, and browse it as virtual drives. Now you can find the report.doc in the virtual drive and restore it.


You had successfully recovered the crash PC to working condition from the snapshot taken at 10:00 AM and restored the latest copy of report.doc right before the system was crashed at 3:00 PM.  

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