Uninstall prompts me to select a snapshot.

Safecode Defencecure lets you have multiple snapshots. It’s like having many “faces” (snapshots) of the system. So when you are removing Safecode Defencecure, you need to select a “face” as the “final face.”

The snapshot you select will the final state of the computer after uninstalling Safecode Defencecure. To return the computer to the condition before you installed Safecode Defencecure, select the Installation snapshot. To keep the current system and data as the final state, select the current snapshot. Or you can select any one of the snapshots in between to uninstall the system.

If you have a problem with the current system, do not choose the current system as the uninstalling snapshot. The problems will be locked in the final state.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the snapshot you choose to uninstall Safecode Defencecure contains the system and data you want.

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