The scheduled task for taking a snapshot at 1st bootup of the day does not work

If you set up Safecode Defencecure using the Typical Setup option, you will see a scheduled task for “take a snapshot at 1st bootup of the day” after setup. But you notice this scheduled task does not appear to be working. No snapshots are created.

You probably have a Windows 10 system.
On Windows 10 system, there is a feature called “Fast Startup,” which is supposed to make the system boot up faster after shutdown. Basically, what Windows did is changing Shutdown to Hibernation. When you shut down a Windows 10 system with this feature enabled (which is enabled by default), Windows is actually hibernating. So when you boot up the system, the system is resuming from hibernation.

Safecode Defencecure does NOT take snapshots when the system is resuming from hibernation.
That’s because Safecode Defencecure snapshots are the content of the hard drive. When a system hibernates, it stores data in files (hibernation files), and in the memory, not everything is saved in the hard drive. Therefore, taking a snapshot of the system resuming from hibernation will not guarantee the quality of the snapshot.

In this case, to make the “take a snapshot at 1st bootup of the day” scheduled task to work, you need to disable the Fast startup option:
Or you can Restart the system sometime during the day. In Windows 10, Restart is still a restart, not hibernation.
So new snapshot will be taken during restart.

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