How does Safecode Defencecure support Windows Update and Windows Upgrade?

As a rule of thumb, Safecode Defencecure supports all Windows updates (service pack updates, etc.). Still, Safecode Defencecure does not support Windows upgrades, such as Windows version 7 to Windows 10.

Because during a Windows upgrade, there are significant changes to the file system and partition tables (bootloader used for the upgrade process). To make the bootloader and the file system changes, the upgrade process usually needs to boot from a PE environment to access them. This action violates one of the Safecode Defencecure product limitations.

In addition, as you might know, Safecode Defencecure is a “disk utility” that depends on the Windows file system and partition tables.

So it’s best to remove Safecode Defencecure before upgrading the Windows files system and partition tables.

But for Windows Update only copies new files and installs new features of Windows. O.S., Safecode Defencecure has no problem with the process.

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