How does Safecode Defencecure license activation work?

This is how Safecode Defencecure license activation works:

1. When you order Safecode Defencecure, you’ll receive a Licensed Product ID that can activate the number of PCs (licenses).

2. When you install Safecode Defencecure on a computer, Safecode Defencecure generates an Activation ID (machine ID). The Activation ID is associated with the PC’s hard disk serial number remains unchanged even if you format the system and reinstall Windows and Safecode Defencecure.

3. When you activate Safecode Defencecure, the Licensed Product ID and Activation ID are sent to the Safecode Defencecure license server. Based on the two IDs provided, the license server will generate and return an Activation Code…

 If the Product ID does not exist in the license server (not a Licensed Product ID), the license server will return  the message “You have supplied an invalid product ID.” If the Licensed Product ID is authorized for 2 PCs and you already have 2 activation records (2 unique machine IDs in the license server database), the license server will return the message of “You have exceeded the maximum activation allowed.”

So you can see if you format the system and re-install Safecode Defencecure, the Product ID will not change, the activation ID will not change. Therefore the activation code will not change. You should have no problem repeatedly install and activation Safecode Defencecure on the same PC. But if the hard disk changes – reinstalling Safecode Defencecure on a new PC or changing a hard drive – the Activation Code (for the old hard disk) won’t work on the new one. We would need to release the Activation Code associated with the old hard disk to activate the software on the new hard disk.

To request a transfer of Safecode Defencecure license to a new computer (hard disk), please send your licensed Product ID and inquiry to [email protected]

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