Error: “00004444 00000003 26050029 00000080 65400000” during Safecode Defencecure pre-OS Recovery Console setup

You start the Safecode Defencecure setup in Windows. Setup prompts you to restart the computer to complete the setup after copying the program file. You restarted the computer, and Safecode Defencecure starts the pre-OS Recovery Console installation. During the installation, you see an error message ” 00004444 00000003 26050029 00000080 65400000″ (The actual memory address may vary).

For best system performance, Safecode Defencecure allocates memory in proportion to the hard disk size. This computer’s memory is too small compared to the hard disk size.

Restart the computer. Safecode Defencecure pre-OS Recovery Console Menu will show up automatically due to the previous unsuccessful setup. Select Remove Safecode Defencecure from the Menu. Windows will start after uninstall. Would you please increase the memory size or contact Safecode Technical support for more information?

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