Can I defrag the drives protected by Safecode Defencecure?

Yes, you can.

But we do not recommend you to defrag the drives protected by Safecode Defencecure because It will not deliver the results you expect.

Safecode Defencecure snapshots are transparent to Windows defragmenter. The defragmenter cannot read or alter data in Safecode Defencecure snapshots. So the defragmenter can only defrag the data in the current system. It will not be able to defrag data in snapshots.

This is what we recommend:

1. Defrag the disks before installing Safecode Defencecure, so you have a nice and clean system.

2. Safecode Defencecure has a build-in snapshot defragmenter. You should use it to defrag the system. It’s fast, and it works with Safecode Defencecure snapshots.

3. If you want to defrag the drives with a third-party defragmenter. Turn off Safecode Defencecure protection, defrag the drives and then turn on the protection.

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