Error: “An error occurred on accessing sector x (sector number), retry?” during Safecode Defencecure pre-OS Recovery Console setup

You start the Safecode Defencecure setup in Windows. Setup prompts you to restart the computer to complete the setup after copying the program file. You restart the computer, and Safecode Defencecure starts the pre-OS Recovery Console installation. During the installation, you see the error message ” Error Code: An error occurred on accessing sector x (sector umber), retry?”.

The pre-OS Recovery Console setup cannot write to the sector indicated. If you select Retry, set up will try to write to the sector again. If you press cancel, the pre-OS Recovery Console setup will terminate and roll back the setup process. Windows will load.
Bad sectors on the hard disk mostly cause this problem. So please run disk defragmenter and Windows Checkdisk before setup Safecode Defencecure again.

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