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Why Partner with Safecode

Give you unique advantages to become successful

Reliable Solutions

Cover best-in-class solutions for OS protection and management.
Awarded with amazing reviews from top industry experts.
Develop by Innovative technology and constantly update the features.

Attractive Margin

Prices and discounts for partners are the most competitive.
Earn high margins and bonuses for outstanding performance.
Win a good chance to join special promotion within limited time period.

Performance-based Reward

Focus on marketing performance. The more you sell, the bigger revenue you get.
Offer great incentives, like building up brand awareness.
Generously rewarded for every effort you have paid. Grow your business.

Effective Communication

keep in touch via monthly newsletters, alerts, notifications, messages, etc.
Listen to our partners, trust and value your feedback.
Contact methods are available, like email, phone call, and Live Chat.

Flexible Modes

Customize for channel partners to grow software products portfolio.
Take different business models and solutions to different partner types, no matter what sizes you are.
Follow the innovative ideas and adjust in time to adapt the changes on the world market.

Top-rated Technical Service

Exceptional service guarantees a quick response to your any technical questions.
Over 10+ technical specialists offer you free and unlimited support in India.
Advanced training and support via live chat, email, phone call, remote assistance, etc.

Safecode Partner Certification

Safecode reseller program is a multi-tier award-winning program designed to be the best fit for your business. This certification module will provide you with incentives to better adapt and meet the challenges of today. Boost your business, and upgrade the level every year as defined.

Partner Level
Monthly Sales Standard
₹ 0 ~ ₹ 99,999
₹ 1,00,000 ~ ₹ 2,49,999
₹ 2,50,000 and Above
Partner Exclusive Promotions
Dedicated Sales Engineers
Technical Support
Marketing Resources
Reseller's company information listed in the Partner Locator page on Safecode site.
Solutions selling support from account managers and engineers.
Customized OEM*


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Safecode Commercial Cooperation Program Mainly Includes Following 2 Ways:

Republished and rebranded

Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business line? Software vendors can easily integrate a Safecode product into their existing product portfolios. The enhanced program creates a higher value product, generates significant additional revenue opportunities, and minimizes the threat from competitors.

Included in a system build

Deliver the system and OS protection your customers are demanding and enhance your bottom line at the same time! Our partner programs make it easy for system builders to provide powerful solutions to the customers you work with, and gain access to an even broader customer base. Powered with our software and service, you will reduce support and RMA costs, lower your manufacturing costs, increase the value of your solutions.

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If you have any question or request about Safecode partnership program, please feel free to contact us. A sales representative will reply you as soon as possible.
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