Refund Policy

The following statement discloses Safecode Technologies India Private Limited (from now on referred to as “Safecode”) Refund Policies for customers; some Terms and Conditions before installing the Safecode Products once go through the Policy. We update our Policy periodically without any notice; kindly visit this page to inform any changes in these policies.

Safecode officially sells its products on two platforms, i.e., Safecode Website Link. In the future, if we sell on others platforms, we will disclose this refund policy.

Safecode gives 7 and 14  days trials of Safecode products. After purchasing products, you are not eligible to get any refund in any situation because we provide trial versions of our Products.

After installing the trial version of Safecode Products, you lose your data or any damage in Hardware or any other issues; for that, safecode is not responsible because we provide Technical Specifications on our website for better results. You cannot claim any case or any demand for data recovery from Safecode Technologies India Private Limited.

If you misuse Safecode Products, Safecode Technologies India Private Limited will deactivate your Product key or license.

Suppose the customer hasn’t purchased the product directly from Safecode. In that case, they have to contact their particular reseller, Distributor, Dealer, or other Online Portals for a refund as per their refund policy.

If customers request a refund of product failure, we cannot provide a refund if it is not performing tasks or advertising it performs. Customers can take 14 days trial of our product before purchase and examine the product’s capabilities.

If someone has purchased the product without the payer’s consent by using your credit card or Debit card and any issue occurs, kindly contact your relevant payment service to get refunded. Safecode Technologies India Private Limited is not responsible for any refund to the customers.

If any customer has purchased any wrong product accidentally, no refund or exchange would be possible after the purchase of the product. However still, you can contact our sales team for any support at If any possibilities of any exchange but we are not sure for the same.

Customers will not get a price adjustment refund after the date of purchase. If there is a drop in price or discount or offer on products, you cannot get a price adjustment, and also, you cannot claim any legal laws for the price drop in Safecode Products after you have purchased. Promotional e-mail discounts don’t include after buying products.

Important Notice

Products Purchased from Dealer / Reseller / Distributor

In Case, Customer has purchased Safecode Products from any Dealer / Reseller / Distributor. Any issues occur in Safecode Products and your wishes to get a refund; customers have to contact their particular Dealer / Reseller / Distributor for a refund as per their refund policy. Customers cannot claim on Safecode Technologies India Private Limited for any refund.

Contact our support team if the customer wants Safecode Technologies India Private Limited’s support after purchasing Safecode Products from Dealer / Reseller / Distributor. Still, customers cannot expect any refund or exchange of Safecode Products.

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