Safecode Defencecure Professional

System Protection

A comprehensive Windows System Restore solution empowers users and IT administrators to restore their PCs to any previous state within seconds quickly.

Safecode Defencecure offers a fresh approach to managing PCs. As a result, any unforeseen incidents such as user errors, viruses, or even botched software installations can be quickly and reversed in a fast and efficient way.

Windows System Restore only restores Windows system files and some program files. In addition, if Windows crashes to a point where Windows itself cannot boot up (ex. BSOD), you would not be able to access your Windows System Restore points.

In contrast, the Safecode Defencecure technology works at the sector level of the hard drive and restores everything! Right down to the last byte of data, It sits below Windows, so even if Windows crashes, there is a sub-console (mini OS) that boots before windows. Allows you to access Safecode Defencecure and go back to a point in time when your system was working trouble-free.

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How Safecode Defencecure Secure Your PC

Go back to any previous point in time within seconds.

It does not affect computer performance, uses minimal system resources.

Supports unlimited snapshots.

Creates a complete system snapshot without having to restart the system.

Reverse any system crash within seconds (even if Windows cannot startup).

Lock snapshots to prevent deletion.

Access control – manage levels of multiple user and administrative privileges.

256 bit AES snapshot encryption.

Built-in snapshot defragmenter, which will optimize system resources and recover free space.

Supports all industry-standard deployment options, including silent installations and pre-installation configuration.

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