You are Safe with Safecode


Personal Protection - Anywhere and everywhere!

Safecode is here to keep your PC protected 365 days, anytime, anywhere. Be it Ransomware protection, OS protection, Dump Issues, Software Issues and keeping your Windows in the best condition, Safecode is the key!

Home Security

Business Protection - World class protection and security

Windows can have its challenges, but Safecode is here to ensure that an instant rollback software feature will solve any challenge in Windows. It is also a gateway to ensure that the system restores before startup.

Business Security

For Partners - Reliable and ever present support

Partners and friends are synonyms for support and so is Safecode. It is a computer disaster recovery software that does a pc system restore in a few minutes and you have your data as well as the system running again!

Partner Solutions

Complete System Restore Software for your device

Safecode is here to make sure that it is a solution you always need, and it would protect you from any and every problem like Blue Screen, Windows Freezes, Ransomware attacks, OS Corrupt and any software problems.

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